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Factors to Consider when Installing Tower Lighting Systems

Towers require special lighting compared to other buildings. Unlike regular houses, a few lights cannot be enough to illuminate the entire tower, especially at night. Besides, towers also need more special lighting than any other building especially the top floors and the basement. Visibility in towers is extremely crucial. There are so many parts of the building that pose a threat to the well-being and lives of the occupants. A common example is the staircases in any tower. They are usually situated in the darkest corners of the building and have many sharp bends. Many of them have rails but this alone is never enough to make them safe especially in dim lights. At any moment, you could trip over the stairs and injure yourself severely. In the basement, hardly any sunlight gets there during the day so you need to keep the lights on throughout. The top floors are very dangerous especially if there are no barricades and in the dark, people could fall over accidentally. If you are in charge of any tower, you must make sure that it is properly illuminated to keep the building safe. This is why lighting systems have been developed for all kinds of towers. The article below discusses some things to consider when installing a tower lighting system.

You have to consider the cost of installing the tower lighting systems. Installing lights in towers is much harder than doing the same job for any other building. Towers have parts that are very dangerous to work on like balcony edges and elevator sections. These parts require lighting and installing any lights there is usually a very hard job. Cheap tower lighting systems might not work quite well and may need to be replaced frequently. Other tower lighting systems are a bit expensive but they work quite well and need very few replacements. Some expensive lights also have excellent lighting. They are not so dim that it is hard to see but also not so bright that it strains the eyes of the building’s occupants. You should install a tower lighting system that meets your needs in the tower but is also affordable.

Another thing to consider is the durability of the lighting systems. It is very inconvenient to keep replacing lights every few months not to mention the cost incurred. The most durable lighting systems are usually a bit expensive but you don’t incur any maintenance and replacement costs once they are installed. You should buy the most durable lighting systems you can afford in the market. Less durable lights could malfunction at a critical time for example, at night and slow down productivity in that particular section of the tower.

You also need to consider the technology that a tower lighting system uses. Neon bulbs, for example, are known to consume a lot of electricity compared to LED lamps. These neon bulbs could increase the cost of electricity in the tower quite significantly. Besides, certain lights are not safe as they also produce UV light which is harmful in excess.

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